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* Shadow Dance

o Time to gain Essence of Shadow charges is reduced by cooldown reduction effects.

o Time to gain next charge does not progress while you are at maximum charges.


* Magic Resistance per Level increased to 1.25 from 0


* Valkyrie

o Increased the range to 800 from 700.

o Increased the base speed to 650 from 500.

* Missile Barrage

o Missile Barrage now scales off 20% of his total attack damage in addition to ability power.

o Time to store a missile is reduced by cooldown reduction effects.

o Time to store next missile does not progress while you are at maximum missiles stored.

o Corki respawns with 4 missiles.

Dr. Mundo

* Magic Resistance per Level increased to 0.75 from 0.5


* Essence Flux

o Changed the attack speed increase to be additive rather than multiplicative.

o Reduced the cooldown to 9 seconds from 10 seconds.

* Trueshot Barrage

o Increased the AP ratio to 0.9 from 0.8.


* Dark Wind

o Cooldown reduced to 13 seconds from 14 seconds.

* Drain

o Increased the damage to 60/90/120/150/180 from 50/75/100/130/160.

o Reduced the cooldown to 10/9/8/7/6 from 10.


* Idol of Durand

o Fixed a bug where Idol of Durand could break a target's Spell Shield or Banshee's Veil and still taunt them.


* H28-G Evolution Turret - Improved AI against enemy champions

o Enemy champions who attack Heimerdinger near an H28-G turret will now become the focus of that turret.

o UPGRADE!!! will now cause all H28-G turrets to focus enemy champions for the duration.


* Empower

o Empower now properly procs Rylai's


* Bouncing Blade

o Reduced the cooldown to 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 from 10/9.5/9/8.5/8.

* Killer Instinct

o Reduced the cooldown to 20/18/16/14/12 from 22/20/18/16/14.


* Updated PVP.Net tags and character ratings

* Updated Recommended Items

* Finales Funkeln

o AP ratio increased to .85 from .75


* Ground Slam

o Fixed a bug where Ground Slam would go through spell shields.

* Unstoppable Force

o Fixed a bug where the stun wouldn't last long enough. Unstoppable Force now stuns for 1.5 seconds up from 1 second at all ranks.

* Magic Resistance per Level increased to 1.25 from 0

Miss Fortune

* Ricochet Shot

o Reduced the damage dealt to the secondary target to 115% from 120.

* Make It Rain

o Reduced the slow duration to 1 second from 1.5 seconds.


* Mace of Spades

o Base damage increased to 80/110/140/170/200, from 20/40/60/80/100

o Now scales off of only bonus Attack Damage, rather than all Attack Damage (so Q doesn't scale with Mordekaiser's level)

o Now deals 75% bonus damage if Mace of Spades only finds 1 target

o Cost reduced to 20/25/30/35/40 from 30/35/40/45/50

o The main target of Mace of Spades now generates shield for Mordekaiser

* Creeping Death

o Increased base damage to 24/38/52/66/80, from 16/32/48/64/80

o Increased AP ratio to 0.2, from 0.15

o Greatly increased missile travel time when casting it on an ally

* Siphon of Destruction

o Damage reduced to 65/105/145/185/225 from 85/110/155/200/245

o AP ratio increased to 0.6 from 0.4

o Base shield generation reduced to 1/2/3/4/5, from 6/9/12/15/18

* Children of the Grave

o Spell

+ Now steals 24/29/34% of the target's maximum health over the duration, up from 24/28/32%

+ Now deals half damage initially and half damage over time

+ Duration increased to 10 seconds, from 8

+ Total AP ratio over the duration increased to 0.04, from 0.016

+ Fixed a bug where Children of the Grave was improperly blocked by Black Shield

o Pet

+ The pet now gains 75% of Mordekaiser's Ability Power and Damage at all 3 ranks (from 65/75/85%), and the ratio itself no longer increases with Mordekaiser's AP

+ The pet now gains 15% of Mordekaiser's Health, down from 50%

+ Mordekaiser now gains 20% of the pet's Ability Power, down from 25%

+ Mordekaiser now gains 20% of the pet's Attack Damage, down from 25%

+ Fixed a bug where the pet was not generating shield for Mordekaiser when hitting inhibitors

* Iron Man

o Shield generation increased to 30%, from 25%

o Fixed a tooltip bug (his maximum shield value was always 20 lower than the tooltip showed)

* General

o Fixed bugs where several components of some spells generated shield equal to 20% of the damage dealt instead of 25%

o Fixed bugs where several tooltips did not properly reflect cooldown values with cooldown reduction factored in

o Fixed a bug where occasionally Mordekaiser could generate shield multiple times from a single source of damage (causing a huge spike)

o Reworded/simplified several tooltips


* Defensive Ball Curl

o Reduced the base damage return to 22/28/34/40/46 from 26/32/38/44/50.

o Fixed a bug where the tooltip was not displaying the proper bonus damage return.


* Boomerang Blade

o Boomer Blade now scales with 75% of Sivir's attack damage.

* Increased health per level to 82 from 76.


* Song of Celerity

o Fixed a bug where song of discord was granting more movespeed than intended. (23% decrease)

* Crescendo

o Cooldown increased to 170/150/130 from 160/140/120.


* Noxious Trap

o Noxious Traps no longer give any gold as a bounty when killed, down from 25.

o Noxious Traps show their remaining duration when selected.


* Ambush

o Attack speed reduced to 30/40/50/60/70% from 30/45/60/80/100%.


* Tiger Stance

o Fixed some bugs where certain items would have their damage cut down to 1/3. They now deal full damage on Tiger Hit. (Affected items are Madred's Razors, Wriggle's Lantern, Sheen, Lich Bane and Trinity Force)

Xin Zhao

* General

o Xin'Zhao is now properly considered melee, so he gains full effect from items like Youmuu's Ghostblade and Frozen Mallet.


* Trinity Force stats modified.

o Cost: Unchanged

o +30 Attack Damage (up from 20)

o +30 Ability Power

o +30% Attack Speed (up from 25%)

o +15% Critical Strike (up from 12%)

o +12% Movement Speed

o +250 Mana (down from 300)

o +250 Health (down from 300)

Summoner Spells

* Exhaust is now properly flagged as a slow + blind.

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Cascouilles 01/11/2010 20:10

Pour le flash ils en parle depuis plusieurs mois mais ils non toujours pas pris de décision.

Sinon les info ici ne sont que le PTR, une version que Riot essaye sur les serveurs teste. Tout est donc sujet a des modification (comme toute les semaines en faite).

mpz 01/11/2010 17:14

Ils devaient pas delete le flash? :S

akiltour 01/11/2010 16:22

C'est la vrai patchnote ? Parce que l'ancienne patchnote que tu avais mise était eronnée sur certains points (et vu que tu as diffusé des fausses informations la dernière fois). Parce que sinon le
up corki est plutot sympa ainsi que celui de sivir :o

Cascouilles 01/11/2010 13:38

Bon, on a un peut toujours les même perso qui sont up (ez AP, corky, kata...), j'imagine que Riot essaye de faire un truc mais ils hésite. Sinon pas mal de changement pour Morde, pour moi c'est un
bon up. Par contre toujours pas de refonte d'eve, depuis le temps qu'on en parle sa commence a devenirs usant.

Lienderman 31/10/2010 15:49

Bah ils disent que maintenant il est proprement considéré comme un attaquant en mêlée , donc il gagne des effets que certains items donnent pour les champions de type mêlée.Derien