Caitlyn : Et pan dans dans ta gueu**

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All-Points Bulletin(Passive): Whenever an allied champion is slain, Caitlyn gains vision of the killer for a limited time.

Aimed Shot(Q): Caitlyn channels her shot, increasing damage and range over time. If the shot hits, Caitlyn can fire a second shot shortly after, but if it misses, Caitlyn is revealed to the enemy.[Caitlyn channels to take careful aim, gaining @Effect1Amount@% damage and 20 range per second charged. Caitlyn can cancel the charge at any time to reset Aimed Shot's cooldown.] [If Aimed Shot hits a target, it deals @Effect2Amount@ (+@CharTotalPhysical@) physical damage and Caitlyn can fire a single extra shot one second later with half of the bonus damage of the first. [If Aimed Shot misses on the first attack, Caitlyn is revealed to the enemy for 1 second.]

Bulletproof(W):Caitlyn passively resists projectile damage, and can actively double the resistance for a short time. While on cooldown, Caitlyn's movement speed is increased.[Caitlyn's bulletproof vest helps to protect her, reducing projectile damage by @Effect1Amount@%.][Caitlyn improves her defenses, doubling her projectile damage reduction to @Effect3Amount@%. While Bulletproof is on cooldown, Caitlyn's movement speed increases by @Effect2Amount@%.]

Authority of Law(E): Caitlyn fears an enemy for a short time and is immune to that enemy's debuffs for a time afterwards. If Caitlyn takes damage from her target during that time, her damage and defenses are improved.[Caitlyn flashes her badge at an enemy champion, causing them to panic in fear for 1 second. For @Effect1Amount@ seconds afterwards, Caitlyn is immune to her target's debuffs, and if Caitlyn takes damage from them during that time, she gains @Effect2Amount@ attack damage, armor and magic resistance.]

The Long Arm(Ultimate): Caitlyn channels for a period of time, then fires a high-speed bullet at a target, getting double the payoff if it kills.[Caitlyn readies her rifle, locking onto and tracking an enemy champion. After channeling for four seconds, Caitlyn fires a high-velocity shot at her target, passing through minions and dealing @Effect1Amount@ (+@CharTotalPhysical@) physical damage if it hits an enemy champion. If this shot deals a finishing blow, Caitlyn receives twice the victim's bounty in gold.]

Opposing Tips
*If Caitlyn's Aimed Shot misses, she'll be revealed on the map for one second. Use that brief glimpse to hunt her down.
*When Caitlyn locks on with The Long Arm, you have an very short time after the targetting reticle disappears to get out of the way. Use summoner flash, if you have it.
*Caitlyn's Authority of Law prevents her target from casting debuffs on her, wait until the effect disappears before trying to stun her.

Character Tips
*Aimed Shot and The Long Arm leave you vulnerable while you channel. Place wards near where you're charging to keep an eye out for enemies.
*Bulletproof only increases Caitlyn's speed while it's on cooldown, so take this into account when trying to escape.
* Use The Long Arm in combination with Caitlyn's passive in order to finish targets off after a fight.

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Janet Mary 24/09/2013 15:32

Caitlyn champion relies heavily on her auto-attacks and you should start by building Infinity Edge. Follow that with attack speed boots, life steal/attack speed. If you are feeling lazy get
Hurricane earlier and just farm. You can potentially get a lot of kills with Hurricane early as people are usually bunched up. Always attack whenever anyone on your team engages. Every shot you can
take on a champion counts. Just be ready to back off with 90 Caliber Net. If you are facing champions that can teleport and target you, before you engage lay a trap where you are going to stand to
attack, that way as soon as they teleport and get trapped, you can 90 Caliber Net out and continue to attack safely. Make sure you are constantly putting pressure on the other team. As Caitlyn,
your teammates will be expecting a lot from you.

Heya Le Roux 13/01/2011 18:58

C'est pas une leak , C'est des infos que Riot a dévoilée , et c'est confirmé par Kaep.

mais il a abandonné son blog.

Mat 12/01/2011 18:38

C'est pourtant pas dur de leak l'info la plus attendu de l'année 2011 :p

Gnurfion 08/01/2011 09:50

ET enterré ! :(

Chypx 07/01/2011 20:47

Salut, le site est mort ?